Tourist Information

1. Opening time of the Sightseeing Industrial Park: AM 8:30- 11:30 PM 2:00-4:30

2. No open flames in the Sightseeing Industrial Park, flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods are strictly prohibited.

3. Please pay attention to the safety warning and observe the tour order. Do not climb or climb over the safety fence. Do not enter the unopened area go sightseeing; Do not jostle; Be careful when you go up and down the steps.

4. Please pay attention to personal and property safety, take good care of your personal belongings, and take good care of the elderly and children. In case of special circumstances, please follow the tour-guide or staff's instructions.

5. Welcome your comments and suggestions for the Sightseeing Industrial Park. Tourist Info:0318-2355980 Tourist Compliant:0318-2999253 Tourist SOS:0318-2995392

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